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How diamonds were created

Diamond is the hardest natural material to be found on earth, and the simplest of all the gemstones in composition. The conditions that created diamonds have not existed on this planet for millions of years. Very early in the history of earth as solid matter became condensed into a sphere, the material at the heart of the planet became subjected to unbelievable extremes of temperature and pressure. It was the conditions in those deep layers that caused deposits of pure carbon to begin to crystallize into diamonds. A diamond consists of pure carbon, and although there is no chemical difference between carbon powder and diamond, the physical difference between carbon powder and the diamond crystal is both enormous and miraculous. As the outer layer of the earth cooled, stress developed, and the plates of solid rock shifted and split. Streams of liquid rock (magma) were forced to the surface in volcanic eruptions, and some of that material carried with it the diamond crystals that had begun to form deep within the earth.


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