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With the temperature dropping below freezing point, you tend to get spruced up  under layers of clothes like comfy sweaters, warm jackets, and bulks of accessories like hats, gloves, and scarves which adds so much crispiness to your look, and while doing so we regularly have a tendency to overlook the jewellery along with our daily wear.

The intense dressing also puts a challenge for you to style your jewellery in a way that doesn’t obstruct your movement or irritate you by getting tangled up in itself.

Furthermore, you are occupied with the thought of how to carry your stylish jewellery pieces and keep it safe from snagging your clothes or getting lost?  One very specific challenge people face is carrying jewellery items along with turtlenecks.

They are a must to have in your winter wardrobe as they add an element of cosiness to your look. But how does one style jewellery with these? Winters is a state of dilemma for all the stylish ladies out there!

However, we seriously doubt this!  Chilling winters can be a perfect time to jazz up your style game! In this guide on winter styling tips, we'll reveal that it is so essential to wear precious gems in winters and how you can be modish while being comfortable in cold wave. The trick lies in picking the right kind of jewellery with your comfy winter outfits!


Read on to hear what experts have to say about how to style your jewellery this winter.


Opt for Longer Necklaces

Experiment with Necklaces this winter. Create a stylish look by layering your necklaces– one short, medium and a long one to be voguish. You can also try a long necklace to add an interesting look. Longer Necklaces with Turtleneck create a balancing element to the appearance and doesn’t interfere with the high turtleneck but only adds to it. Moreover, carrying longer necklaces with a jacket or an overcoat acts as an icing on the cake.


Choose Studs

It is quite complicated to wear heavy dangling earrings in the winters. Dangling earrings are very troublesome to handle as they get caught in your hair or get tangled in your winter outfits, which can be quite painful and. But Worry Not! Luckily, there are many other brilliant earring options available. Try to accessorize your winter outfits with a pair of studded earrings. Diamond or pearl studs tend to give you a graceful look along with a touch of sophistication and make it absolutely trouble-free to carry a hat or scarf.


Brooches Can be Your Life Saver

If you miss wearing a flashy piece of jewellery during the cold weather, without worrying about freezing metal or snagging the delicate fabric, consider going with a brooch. A brooch is an excellent way to add a little bit of sparkle to your bulky winter outfit and add a vintage touch to your look.  A brooch can be anything from a simple tiny pin to an enormous collection of stones, making an incredibly flexible choice for adding a little bit of dazzle to your outfits. A brooch can also add a little flair to an otherwise plain overcoat, making it one of the few pieces of jewellery that can be worn outside all of your heavy winter clothes.


Choose Bold over Stacked

Simple stacked rings are marvellous in warm months but taking gloves on and off in cold winter months could cause you to suddenly lose one or more of your delicate rings. On the other hand, It’s safe to wear an enormous, bold ring in this winter. Choose bold colored gems and stones that will pop your winter comfy staples of dull gray and black hues.


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