Managalsutra or propitious string is an image of conjugal status for Hindu ladies. Typically a mangalsutra is made up of hanging nine dark dots and nine gold dabs. It is an adornment which the lucky man puts around the lady of the hour's neck during the wedding service. New-age ladies aren't taking a gander at a mangalsutra just as a propitious adornment any longer, it considerably more! It has turned into an announcement gem and something that can be displayed, on the D-day and from that point!

Mangalsutras are getting styled and redid more than ever. From refined structures including precious stones to emotional, curiously large customary ones, a lady of the hour has a wide cluster of plans to browse. While I was perusing through the web, I saw that there are gobs of mangalsutra assortments, in various sizes, lengths, and styles.

Here's me posting the most unusual mangalsutra plans I went over, for the quintessential new-age ladies:


The mangalsutra with the paisley plan

Paisley plans have consistently been a vital piece of Indian weddings-from the style to outfits and certainly a piece of customary adornments. This mangalsutra has delightful and dainty paisley decorated on a larger than usual gold square, with dots toward the end. An extraordinary pick for a lady of the hour who needs a parity of ethnic and current.

Heart-formed mangalsutra

A chic and charming structure for ladies who need to kill it with a moderate heart-molded mangalsutra! All things considered, after all, the wedding is about LOVE.

Contemporary mangalsutra with precious stones

This mangalsutra has dazzling precious stones set in a checkered, confound design, with a jewel drop toward the end. It is rich, choice and not very absurd.

Botanical mangalsutra

For the new-age ladies, who are fixated on flower structures, this is a beautiful mangalsutra configuration to add oomph to your wedding troupe.

Larger than usual gold mangalsutra

A few structures leave me confused and this is certainly one of them! Love the conventional larger than average gold pendants, one with a flower etching and other with a Hindu goddess! Not to miss the choice structures and the utilization of micropearls.

Unique mangalsutra plan

I am absolutely swooning over this enchanting plan! An ideal pick for the lady of the hour who needs to create an impression with her gems.

Mangalsutra with little gold coins

A stunning and unpredictable thought, for a lady of the hour who is keen on exploring different avenues regarding her mangalsutra plans! Not to miss the Goddess Laxmi etching on the coins.

The mangalsutra which is enlivened by sanctuary adornments

So emotional, so alluring and sooooooo beautiful! Love the green and lavender stones and the unpredictable etchings.

The one with roses

This mangalsutra has essentially WOWED me! In addition to the fact that it has an emotional look, yet it additionally has delightful little rose structures that show up practically genuine.

Mangalsutra with pearls and studs

This mangalsutra nearly takes after a bow formed moon, with white studs and fragile pearls.

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