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The convention and culture of any state are reflected in the conduct of the individuals and the weddings that occur in the locale. Individuals in Tamil Nadu are very responsive to Tamil marriage locales which makes it much advantageous for them to fix unions. These Tamil marriage locales offer the most pertinent and arranged profiles for them to look over. When discussing weddings, adornments shapes in an essential piece of the convention and the way of life. In Tamil Nadu, you will see everybody sporting gold in some structure or the other.

Gold decorations have critical significance in Tamil marriage. Every one of those going to a Tamil wedding function can be seen stacked with appealing gold gems. Also, any Tamil lady of the hour would make heads turn and pulses go up with her rich looks and entrancing antiquated sanctuary adornments.

Despite the fact that the Tamil weddings as observed on the big screen do give a reasonable thought of the genuine South Indian marriage gems sets (to give us a thought), the real measure of gold worn by a Tamilian lady is more than that. Soak up the adulation for conveying all that adornments weight, women!


The Chettiar lady of the hour

The Chettiar lady of the hour is no not exactly a portrayal of the Goddess herself, hung in flawlessly stuck Kanjeevaram silks, long series of neckbands, substantial gold bangles and a few bits of gold. Think our depiction is excessively implausible. Discover what all they wear for the enormous day, beneath.

The marriage gems breakdown

The gems in a Chettiar wedding is roused by the various Gods and Goddesses and is worn with a conventional Kanjeevaram saree. You can look over a large group of choices including the Kempu Kal Mothiram, which are rings studded with various gemstones, and the Kempu Kal Valai, the overwhelming gold bangles. Or on the other hand take your pick from the Netti Chutti, which is a long gold chain and the Mulla Muttu Maalai, a long gold neckband.

Here is a finished breakdown for the south Indian wedding gems recorded here -

Maang Tikka

Jadai Billai (a particular, long hair trimming)

Jhimkki (studs)

Layered accessories - Netti Chutti, Mulla Muttu Maalai, Manga Malai, Lakshmi Haram

Overwhelming bangles or the Valayal

Ottiyanam (gold saree belt)




The Gounder lady

The Gounder lady is stuck to flawlessness once more, this time in a Kanjivaram silk saree. This is overlaid with a large group of gold trimmings.

The marriage adornments breakdown -

The quantity of decorations worn by a Gounder lady is high to the point that the lady of the hour is really canvassed in gold. With various types of arm gems, bangles and pieces of jewelry in various sizes, the structures will simply make your heart skirt a beat! Try not to trust us? Head to KCR gem specialists or Zilvr to take your pick!

Here is a finished breakdown for the south Indian wedding adornments recorded here -

Netri Pattai (an unmistakable Matha Patti)

Hair clasps - Suryapirai and Chandrapirai

Mattal Jhimki (hoops)

Layered pieces of jewelry - Siggapu Kal Attigal, Lakshmi Naga Malai, Kasu Malai

Substantial bangles - the Valaya

Ottiyanam (saree belt)

Rings - Ungila



The Brahmin lady of the hour

Known as Iyers, Tamil Brahmins invest wholeheartedly in the lavishness of their weddings. From the functions to the stylistic layout, clothing and the gems, everything in a Tamil Brahmin wedding is extravagant.

Which is the reason the adornments worn by the lady is something each visitor stands by to examine? The different gold belts, accessories, and armbands studded with valuable stones that are worn by the ladies are the focal point of everybody's consideration. Well that is a ton of venture, yet you can give the belts an idea, isn't that so? Also, it is another embellishment too that is a piece of a lady of the hour's trousseau, the Poola Jada which decorates the lady's plait to its entire length.


Here is a finished breakdown for the south Indian wedding gems recorded here -

Netri Chutti (an unmistakable Matha Patti)

Hair ornaments - Suryapirai and Chandrapirai

Kal Jhimki (hoops)

Layered pieces of jewelry - Kempu Attigai, Kilikasu Haram, Lakshmi Haram, Varakkai Haram

Substantial bangles - the Valayal

Ottiyanam (saree belt)

Rings – Ungila


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