Gold is one of the most loved and precious metals overall. Whenever you think of investing in jewellery first thing that comes to your head is gold. It is such a timeless evergreen jewellery that never loses its elegance.
Gold has always been your first preference if you have a budget to buy jewellery be it for your wedding, festival, ceremonies, special occasions etc. It holds so much grace because of the various traditional cultures yet it is so trendy.
 Gold is the most versatile jewellery with contemporary style and a dash of tradition. It is no longer just a metal but it is considered auspicious.
When you think of buying gold ring and other gold jewellery there are some points you need to be mindful about. You might have an idea but you can still fall prey to mistakes and forgery. Money is a valuable asset that you earn from hard work and determination so you don't want it to go in vain because of a wrong investment.
And to help you with that we have some information that you should consider to prevent mistakes.

7 Tips To Keep In Mind While Buying Gold Jewellery

Following are some tips that you keep in mind while buying gold jewellery.


Karats is a measuring unit that denotes the purity of gold. It comes in different units starting from 24kt, 22kt, 18kt and 14kt.
The purest quality of gold is 24kt gold with 99.9% wholesomeness and it descends as you go on to 22kt gold with 92% purity, 18kt gold with 75.4% vitality and 14kt gold holding the least value with 58.33% purity.
 If you don't know then a single karat of gold is equal to 4.2% purity so be calculative about numbers. You should know these facts prior to your purchase.


Hallmark is the indication of how pure a gold piece is and you should always check on and buy hallmarked jewellery only. Investing in a piece of gold jewellery is a huge step because you spent your hard-earned money.
 Hallmarked jewellery is not only pure but safe as it is tested by competent agencies. It is advisable to purchase hallmarked gold only. Hallmark is a stamp on any gold piece that denotes its standard of purity certified by various agencies like the British assay office.
You should always prefer hallmarked jewellery in order to prevent impure or contaminated gold.

Making charges:

As the name defines making charges are like labour charges that are associated with every piece of gold or any jewellery. It is the cost of making and creating a raw metal into a piece of jewellery.
Making charges are not fixed and depicts the current gold rates as it is directly proportional to the gold rate.
The higher making charges result in a higher price of gold but insisting on a fixed making charge can dial down the gold rates. You need to be mindful about where you purchase your gold as somewhere it depends on per gram gold and somewhere jewellers charge on percentage of the whole jewellery weight.

Right time:

Gold rates are never fixed so what is the right time to buy and invest in gold that is safe. The prices of gold certainly rise up touching their peak during certain occasions or festivals.
It will not be advisable to buy any piece of gold within that tie period. You can invest in gold when prices are low which is generally during the offseason. It will avail you with plenty of discounts and you will be able to save a huge amount of money because of that.


When you go to purchase any gold item there are some post services that come along with it and buybacks are one of that services. Many jewellers offer it which means that if in future you ever want to exchange your old set of gold jewellery with a new one you can.
There are many reasons you would want it like change in design and trends or get bored of your old set etc. So discussing buybacks can be beneficial at the time of purchase.


You should check the weight of the gold before making the payment. It is essential for you to know what is the weight of the gold items you purchased as it denotes the vitality of the gold.
Sometimes it can be embedded with other stones which will increase its weight and you will end up paying a higher price for less weightage.

Handmade vs machine-made:

With the onset of mass production, it is common to come across machine-made artefacts. Making charges for machine-made jewellery is cheaper than handmade so it is better to invest in machine-made ornaments.
It will reduce some burden from your pocket as it is produced on a mass level which automatically reduces its cost.
This is some factual information that you should know before making any purchase of gold jewellery. Keep these facts in mind while buying gold jewellery and it will prevent you from any kind of loss. We hope this was helpful for you and could be of use whenever you make a purchase.

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