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Diwali  shopping 2019

 Markets have opened for and Diwali shopping.  Companies are offering huge discounts to increase sales.  Banks are also providing cheap loans at zero processing fee. Experts say this is a golden opportunity to save big on purchases.  However, understanding and discipline are very important to this.  You can use this opportunity wisely to fulfill dreams of big and small and save.

 Find the right price before buying

 Nowadays online shopping is booming.  All types of goods are available on one click.  However, before ordering goods sitting at home, it must be ascertained which items would be right to order online and which items would be better to take from the market.  Before shopping online, go to the store to see the item and check the price.  Order after this.  Maybe you can find the goods in the shop cheaper than online.  In this way, you will be able to avoid trouble later and also save.

 Do not be distracted by getting more discounts

 All companies are offering bumper discounts to attract customers.  You should not do any shopping just to get more discounts.  Experts say that shopping should be done keeping in mind their need.  Anytime shopping just to get more discount is a loss deal.  Therefore, first of all, understand your need and then find out where you will find this item online or offline cheap.

Avoid forced shopping 

 In Diwali, we often buy many things that are not needed.  You can control this habit by making a list of essential items.  By doing this, you will buy only those goods which will be necessary for you.  This method will also help you in saving.

 Budget making is beneficial

 In festivals, most of us make purchases with credit cards, believing that additional discounts are available.  In this round, most people get out of their budget and spend it.  Later the debt burden increases and the financial situation becomes weaker.  At the same time, it is beneficial to make a budget and buy.


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