Bangles are an integral part of traditional jewelry in India. It is very popular amongst Indian women. They are mostly worn after marriage as a symbol of matrimony. But now there has been a trend of wearing bangles with ethnic and western wear by unmarried girls. Bangles come in different varieties having different names in different places. The name “Bangle” has been originated from the word “bungri” which means glass in Hindi. Bangles are circular in shape and are created by variety of material like plastic, diamond, gold, silver, platinum etc. Because of the circular shape most of the bangles are non-flexible. It has become an imperative jewelry for every Indian woman. Various patterns, colors and style magnify the beauty and elegance of traditional outfits worn by Indian women. Every fashionable woman would love to have desirable Diamonds bangles handcrafted in classic motifs, or lightweight bangles in modern designs in their wardrobes. In spite of that fact that plastic bangles are gradually replacing glass made bangles, they are still preferred on traditional occasions like marriages and festivals. Women wear them in pairs or one in both the arms. With western wear, young ladies and surprisingly wedded women incline toward wearing one lovely bangle on right arm and watch on the left arm. They form the perfect ornament for any occasion. The designs of these bangles are simply speculator and are perfect to enhance the beauty of any women’s hand.  The elegance increases much more if the bangles are made of diamond.
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Diamond Bangles are the antiquated and most acclaimed Jewelry in an Indian wedding. It is a significant part of Indian traditions and culture, which is common to find in a new bride at her wedding. Jewels box (Gold and Diamonds) is the best shop for buying Diamond Jewelry in unusual and adorable designs.


As we probably are aware that the diamonds gleams in the dark. In this way, inclining toward a Diamond bangle for an Indian lady is the most ideal decision to make. Jewels Box (Gold and Diamond) allows you to purchase an authentic collection of  Diamond bangles. Jewel Box (Gold and Diamond) likewise have intermittent Diamond bangles Like Bridal Diamond bangles, Traditional Diamond bangles, Marriage Diamond bangle sets, Beautiful Diamond bangles for wedding,  Elegant precious Diamond bangles in a conventional touch, Party wear Diamond bangles, Fancy Diamond bangles, Formal Diamond bangles, and so on.  


A benefit of Diamond Bangles is that they're exceptionally adaptable. Regardless of whether you decide to purchase a bangle with a selection of Diamond set in a rich line or you buy one with fewer diamonds that forms a unique extraordinary, shimmering design, you'll own an assertion piece of Jewelry that individuals respect. Prior to choosing which bangle to buy, ensure you've thought about the key standards and decided the best style for your requirements.


Where Diamond bangles are concerned, the two best metals to pick between are gold and platinum. Should you choose gold, the choice of which shading gold to utilize - yellow gold, white gold or rose gold - truly relies upon your own preference and which color may be better suited to the design. It's imperative to realize that paying little mind to color you choose, every choice contains a same amount of pure gold. The quality is not affected as the distinction in shading is set up by utilizing a combination of different metals with the gold in proportionate measure. Also there comes a variety of bangles design like Wavy pattern Diamond Bangle design,  Sapphire-White Gold Bangle Design, Indian Traditional Emerald-Diamond Bangle Design, Kundan -Diamond Bangle Design and much more.

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