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Indian weddings are known to be grand affairs with multiple ceremonies and celebrations lasting days. The guest lists go into the hundreds and even thousands, and every detail of each function is intricately planned by the bride and groom and their parents to ensure that their family and friends have a gala time.

Perhaps one of the most looked into details of a wedding is the attire, and when talking in context to our local preference people here specifically look for the wedding Jewellery in Lucknow, which holds so much cultural symbolism and importance. From choosing Exclusive Diamond Couple Band Design & Diamond Engagement Rings, with Best Jewellery offers in lko/lucknow and gifts to elevate your shopping experience for Best in class wedding Jewellery in Lucknow.

Jewellers in Lko are known for their craftsmanship and intricately detailed designs. Wedding Jewellery in Lucknow is crafted infusing cultural and spirituality into each piece, keeping in mind the auspicious nature of the jewellery, Bridal Jewellery shop lucknow Works to adorn a bride in grand finery so that all eyes are on her.

In Lucknowi culture, there are certain jewels that a bride wears according to religious or cultural customs. These jewels are worn to represent certain beliefs and make a bride look majestic and spectacular on her big day.

With a traditional Indian Hindu wedding, bridal jewellery plays a huge role, as many jewels feature in the Solah Shringar. While garments vary from region to region, all brides tend to follow the Solah Shringar – the 16 essentials items that every Indian Hindu bride should adorn herself with on her wedding day.

It is believed that the pendant part of the Maang Tikka rests on the area of a woman’s head that houses the agya chakra, which stands for preservation. This represents a union of the bride and groom on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.

Bridal necklaces were only crafted in gold, more modern pieces feature stunning designs that include diamonds, pearls or coloured gemstones set in not just yellow gold, but white and rose gold as well.

In fact, Diamond Jewellery in Lucknow/Lko is fast gaining ground with fashionable brides-to-be looking to sparkle on their big day. Not only necklaces but Diamond Couple Band Designs & Diamond ring in Lucknow is preferred with rich in detail and large in size to emphasize glamour and majesty.

Most Wedding Jewellery in Lucknow, like the necklaces, tend to be on the heavier side to match the set, though some brides prefer more delicate pieces for comfort as it has to be worn through the whole day.

Bridal Jewllery shop Lucknow and Jewels Box (Gold & Diamonds) one of the most renowned Jewellers in Lucknow are known for their intricate yet elaborate Diamond Jewellery in Lucknow, with fine craftsmanship and utmost attention to detail producing jewellery sets that are perfectly matched and look beautiful with bridal wear. Above are the most important pieces of jewellery that Indian brides traditionally wear on their wedding day. Of course, traditions and customs vary from region to region in India. These items only outline what Hindu brides follow when it comes to picking their Indian wedding jewellery.

Make sure to choose your earrings and all your jewels with your wedding outfit in mind, Diamond jewellery in Lucknow are also getting popular these days among the brides to be. Fabric in shades such as light pink, baby blue, aqua or mint green goes very well with the fantastic sparkle and sheen of diamond and gold jewels. Yellow and white gold suit the more traditional red and maroon wedding outfits; a stark and beautiful contrast of bright gold beauty against the richly-hued fabric.

Be elegant and on point, with all the essentials of Indian bridal Jewellery.


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