Turquoise is also known as Firozy, and it was originally found in Turkey. Turquoise is the oldest stone in history. The name Turquoise is derived in French and it is the most legendary stone of all. The real meaning of Turquoise is associated with personal protection, also it is very much popular for a protective shield for ancient warriors heading into the battle. The very important property of Turquoise stone is influenced by the physical condition of a person who wears it. It gets pale when its owner is sick or sad and loses all its color when the owner dies also it gradually recover its color when transfer to a new healthy owner.


  • The turquoise stone is stimulated perception and increases focus.
  • The turquoise stone saves from mishaps and violence.
  • Good for people working in the education and creativity sector.
  • Keeps the person healthy and happy.
  • It helps in maintaining stability and concord in married life.


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