Best Available Prices in Lucknow for your Old Jewellery

When it comes to assets of the human world. Gold is currently the 3rd best investment out there. And to be it that why is it so. There could be multiple answers to that question. Like it can provide you with instant cash. Being a rare, precious metal, its price mostly does not deteriorate that much and always adds to the value. People who buy gold mostly keep it in the pure gold form, which is either coins or bars. Since these things don't have much-making charges attached to them, when sold in the market, they result in pooling the maximum cash from the buyer pocket.

Though it might be a good form of storing as an asset it does not always result in the maximum benefit. Because if you have ever visited a shop to sell gold or seen someone selling gold. You must have noticed that in most of the cases it is in the form of jewellery. And Gold jewellery has a huge amount of making charges attached to it as compared to gold coins or bars. But then too the ornaments have a lot of money invested in them and people want to get the best value for their gold jewellery or even diamond jewellery.

Sell your old gold at JewelsBox

We at jewelsox Lucknow the finest Gold and diamonds shop pay you the best prices for your gold be it in the form of old gold jewellery or the form of bars or coins. We promise to give you the best value for the old gold which you wish to sell. Before the payment and buying of the jewellery, we do some checks to assure the quality and weight of the gold in it. Our valuation process is very transparent and hence as soon as you set your step in our shop at Lucknow you are our family. We find you with the best deal in town. We do believe in digital India hence our mode of paying to you is online. The payment is completely online and safe and the money directly reaches your bank account.

Being a field ace for the last 26 years in Lucknow we know how much it matters to you that why are you selling your precious belongings. Hence we try to provide you with our best possible price that would be in your interest. We do have other features like the Exchange Gold scheme. In which when you provide us with your old golden Jewellery. We complete the valuation process for it and then provide you with the best amount for it and that amount is deducted from your bills if you buy a piece of brand new jewellery from our outlet at Lucknow. Since we do sell ornaments that can be customised as per your wish we could even take your old gold jewellery and either provide you with instant cash or with exchange value benefits or could even use it as raw gold for your new jewellery.

So whenever you wish to sell gold. Just keep in mind that if you want to sell gold and earn the best price for it. You must know where to visit. Its Jewelsbox - Gold and Diamonds - Pure as a Soul. 


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