A wedding is not complete without possessing elegant bridal jewellery. Jewelry has its own particular field of significance which cannot be disregarded especially on occasions like wedding. Bridal jewllery shop Lucknow offers wedding jewellery mostly in form of gold, silver, and diamond. It is most popular among young brides who tend to wear it on almost every kind of celebrations. Wedding Jewellery in Lucknow with accessories has interesting and alluring designs that are always in accordance with our culture and conventional portrayals. It is the day most specialday of your life and you want to look perfect on this day heavy bridal attire and matching wedding jewellery in Lucknow. Perfectly chosen accessories can make this festivity of your life to be everlasting by having an optimized jewelry set for this day. Ladies mostly wear multi-layered necklaces, dangling earrings, manga tikkas, bangles, and nose rings on this day. Brides due to heavy dresses also wear pearls necklaces because it makes creates comfort for them.

Ladies who can afford expensive types of ornaments tend to apply gems on top of their rings, studs, matha pati, anklet, cartilage earing, and all other types of jewelry sets. Some women like stoned gems but when it comes to wedding jewellery in Lucknow, none other than gold is preferred the most with ravishing designs full of gemstones on top.

Shopping for your bridal jewellery is like that last minute, whim-drives to the mall? That all you have to do is enter the showroom and voila, sorted? Ay, we wish it was that easy. Bridal shopping can get pretty challenging. After all, doesn’t everything start looking the same after you’ve stopped at more than two stores? So, when you are looking for a bridal jewellery shop lucknow, we recommend to come straight to the Jewels Box (Gold. Diamonds. Silver) for best wedding Jewellery in Lucknow as the store has the reputation for being one of the prominent jewellers in Lucknow. Having situated in Hazaratganj Lucknow you can easily visit their showroom to look at what all they had in store for you.

Investing in a sparkling Wedding Jewellery in Lucknow for your big day should be luxurious yet worthwhile. This year, the bridal jewels to be coveted during wedding season range from bright coloured stones like rubies, emeralds and aqua marines to precious white and rose gold, which are now optimized to accentuate uniqueness and splendour of wedding Jewellery in Lucknow brought to you by most prominent bridal jewellery shop Lucknow.  This season a broad range of multi-purpose jewellery is in trend many jewellers in Lucknow are also drawing inspiration from their ancestors, making ethnic jewellery a more popular choice. Pieces like chaandbaalis, chokers and jhoomars have returned this season. Though traditional jewellery is the preferred choice for brides, jewellers in Lucknow are open to experimenting and providing pieces that are essentially traditional with a modern twist.

If we believe the words of Jewellers in Lucknow, Gold has really revived this season. Brides are going with the traditional gold look. Diamonds jewellery in Lucknow has retained its charm regardless of trends and years; but what is really interesting is that diamonds now are also set in fusion jewellery to add the glam factor to many wedding silhouettes – from bracelet cuffs to cocktail rings.” But if you don’t want to break tradition, try to bend it according to your choice and preference.  Jewllers in Lucknow now try to incorporate the old and the new into bespoke custom-made designs for their clients.

Although gold is still largely preferred material for bridal  jewllery lucknow, others metals such as white gold, platinum, pearls and diamonds are also finding their way to the modern bride’s trousseau. Many Christian brides prefer diamond engagement rings, diamond couple band design and diamond rings in lucknow to complement their white wedding gowns, while gold is reserved for the reception.

As much as many brides love to invest in their jewellery, they dread the thought of it lying in a safe post wedding. Makers of wedding jewellery in Lucknow say that “The bridal wedding trends this season are more wearable jewellery that can be worn more often. Lots of colour is being added to the bridal trousseau and there is more experimentation than before. Brides are more confident and surer of what they want and besides jadau sets, a lot of diamond engagement ring and diamond couple band design is the mood of the moment.”

So get your jewellery right for the big day as nothing speaks louder than a piece of jewellery, which compliments a confident bride on her very special day!


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