Along with an eclectic mix of tradition and opulence, designers continue to look to the past in order to create the future. A new extravagant sensibility drives majestic jewelry looks. Design blends a variety of cross-historical references with a focus on authenticity and craftsmanship. Handcrafted allure highlights the Anti-Austerity Megatrend, as a more-is-more approach takes hold. Classic hoops and dainty necklaces have been the ruling accessory for some time now. However, according to the experts, it is time to get prepared for the return of maximalist jewellery. Expect rhinestone details, larger-than-life earrings, reimagined chokers, statement necklaces, and even bangles making a comeback. To help you get ready for the reappearance of new and latest trends, we have rounded up the best jewellery trends and designs to watch for in 2019.

Jewellery trends to watch for in 2019

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Seasonal must have Jewellery Pieces

Jewellery designers are thinking out of the box when it comes to innovative jewellery pieces. Some are funky showpieces and non-wearable art while others are reinterpretations of these and actually quite cool and suitable. When it comes to seasonal musts-have jewellery pieces for 2019, items such as chokers, XL earrings and Bangles are on the list. Our designs at Jewels Box are more minimalistic and petite than what we see usually, yet there are quite some references from the giant pieces to the actual pieces you can get you hands in – they’re much easier to wear and still trendy and up to the seasonal trend.

Stacking & Layering: The world is catching on to the latest trend of the more-is-more approach to jewellery brought to us. As often as not, the upcoming season is going to be loaded with many rings on fingers and toes as well. Bracelets were laden up on the arms, and plenty of necklaces were worn over one another in an abundant amount.

Sleek Simplicity: As the world speeds up, people will find a new value in waiting, becoming increasingly nostalgic for a time of deceleration. A craving for simplicity and calmness sees designs translated through a new visual language with refined shapes and volumes. Collections will focus on the values of simple life, quality and longevity as well as the Mindfulness Megatrend, as consumers, across the board, find joy in slowing down.

Self Expressive Statement: Femininity and street culture fuse – as young consumers live blended lifestyles. Social media is redefining a new attitude between younger generations, creating increasing acceptance of multi-cultures and multi-local trends. The focus on individuality inherent to consumers manifests itself within the variety of statement-making jewelry.

Handcrafted Natural Artistry: The urge to reconnect with nature – combined with an increasing demand for authenticity – is reflected in the renewed interest for handmade and artisanal finishes, mixed and matched with natural materials. This reorientation towards nature manifests itself in a demand for transparency and the increasing need for brands to showcase clearer sustainability credentials.

Femininity and opulence are key messages of extravagant jewelry trend to look for 2019 which inspires a renewed appreciation for artistic craftsmanship and unique pieces with stories to tell where a combination of various nostalgic references creates personalized glamour delivered by Jewels Box (Gold. Diamonds. Silver).



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