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Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. On this day, a girl ties a rakhi on her brother’s wrist who promises to protect her from all evil - hence Raksha Bandhan. The deal is sealed with a gift, of course! Rather, consider it just an excuse to pamper your little one. Jewels Box (Gold & Diamonds) presents curated designs of jewellery for you to pick your rakhi jewellery from. They are pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and kada. Besides, ladies if you’re reading this, the page also hoards some men and unisex jewellery which you can grab for your brother as a return gift as well.
We at Jewels Box (Gold & Diamonds) have listed a handful of precious silver rakhi designs that you can gift your brother. Not only do they make a rakhi that’ll last forever, but it can also be converted into a pendant later on. These pendants are unisex and either of you can wear it. These rakhis are not just gifts but also rakhi gifts for brother. They serve both the purposes.
Jewellery would be ideal in such a scenario, precious, rare and unique. Choosing the right kind of jewellery would require some time, money and attention, which makes gifting it all the more special. Moreover, jewellery is one of those gifts that will not perish. Since it will last a lifetime, it will always remind the person it has been given to, of the person who gave it and the relationship they share. What makes for a better gift compared to something that lasts for eternity?
The pool of options we have here that you can give your sister for rakhi. Go for a simple diamond ring to light up your sister’s day. The designs you find above are quite simple and suitable for college wear or daily wear. Moreover, girls would love to wear something in the blush shade i.e. Rose Gold. Customise anything you like in Rose gold shade such that your sister can easily get obsessed with your rakhi gift. Likewise, you can choose something for her from the extensive list of earrings, pendants and bracelets.
One such interesting rakhi gift for sister is precious diamond bracelet cum pendant. The chain of the bracelet is long enough to be worn as a pendant. It also goes around your wrist twice to form a fancy little pendant that goes well with many different outfits.
Narrowed it down to a couple of designs but not sure which one should you go for? Settle with the one that has a bestseller tag. These handpicked designs are from the best selling designs of the current month.
Besides the materialistic value, jewellery also has an emotional value attached to it. Every time you look at some piece of jewellery given by someone, don't you rewind in reminiscence mode? You remember all the memories associated with that individual. So will your sister, that's how she will feel many years from now. Even though a brother-sister relationship is a bittersweet one, your sister has always had our back, she's made sacrifices and she's loved you selflessly. It's time to show that you adore, respect and appreciate all that she's done for you.
Here are some guidelines that will help you pick the perfect jewellery for your sister:
1) How old is your sister? If she isyoung, silver jewellery would be ideal; women prefer gold and diamonds with age.
2) Is she a working woman? Does she attend too many meetings and formal affairs? If she does gift her sleek jewellery that will suit formal events.
3) Does she dress traditionally or in western outfits? Does she adorn loud pieces or subtle designs? Choose jewellery according to her tastes and preferences.
4) Select from among everyday, wearable jewellery like earrings, pendants, bangles and anklets.
5) If she's religious, opt for spiritual jewellery.
6) If she likes personal cards and gifts you could also get customized jewellery with her initials.
Different kind of jewellery can have different meanings and connotations associated with it. Silver is a symbol for adulation; gold stands for purity and sanctity of a relationship and diamonds depict eternal love.
No matter what jewellery you purchase, be it expensive or not so expensive, the person who receives it will always know your intention behind it is one of love and admiration. So start now, look for that perfect piece of jewellery that will make your sister ecstatic and love you all the more.
The rakhi designs offered by Jewels Box (Gold & Diamonds) starts at a fairly affordable price of Rs. 500 only! Even at this price, you get a stylish little rakhi that is a wonderful rakhi gift for your brother. They are also available in a variety of designs. 


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