Silver plated jewelry gives a stunning touch of sparkle and glamour to your outfit. From everyday use silver earrings to statement silver pendants that create a stunning evening appearence, silver jewelry is as versatile as it is easy and graceful to wear. However, if proper care is not taken, it can begin to lose its shine over the course of time. There’s no reason that your silver jewelry can’t last a lifetime and you can keep your silver Jewelry shining bright with a little love and care. Here is how you can properly take care for and clean silver plated Jewelry

 Why does silver plated Jewelry gets tarnished?

Besides the fact that silver plated Jewelry is charming and can be worn by everyone, it also adds a touch of shimmer and shine to your outfit. However, it tends to lose its shine and becomes slightly tarnished over the course of time. This happens when silver reacts with moisture and air directing it to oxidize. As dust, oil and dirt mounts up on to the silver plating, the Jewelry begins to dull or appear darkened. To bring back silver plated Jewelry to its original shine, the Jewelry needs to be cleaned properly and taken care of. This can be accomplished using a variety of household items.

 How to clean silver plated Jewelry

There are many ways in which you can clean silver plated Jewelry, all of these can be carried out at home. From a light sprucing to deep cleaning, this handy guide will show you how to carefully and properly clean the silver plated Jewelry.

1. Soap and Water:

If the silver plated Jewelry is starting to appear a little dull then a light cleaning using soap and water will help restore some of its shine.

Mix mild liquid soap and warm water in a bowl and make a foamy solution. Keep the Jewelry in the water and leave it there for several minutes.

Take the Jewelry out of the water bowl and rub it using clean cloth, don’t forget to wipe all surface areas. If the ornament has lots of small details and engravings then make use of a delicate bristled toothbrush to clean hard areas.

Once the dirt is removed, wash the ornament in warm water.

Wipe the Jewelry with a lint free cloth and make sure that each piece is completely dry prior to putting it in a Jewelry box.

Jewelry Polishing Cloth

Your silver plated Jewelry just require a little bit of TLC to get it back to its former grandeur.  Assuming that it is the situation, a gentle polish with a Jewelry cloth will get the job done.

Utilize a quality Jewelry polish cleaning cloth that will eliminate dirt and stain as well as give the pieces their sparkle back.

Make sure to delicately polish the Jewelry by wiping as opposed scrubbing.

Buff your ornament in between deeper cleans to keep its sparkle.

Aluminium Foil and Baking Soda:

This profound clean strategy is ideal for silver plated Jewelry that is vigorously tarnished. It will do some incredible things in restoring its brightness and removing serious instances of stains. Besides that this method is delicate on the silver plating because it doesn’t need abrasive contact with the ornament. The chemical reaction between the solution and ornament will eliminate any stain while not being harsh on the silver plating.

Ways as to clean your silver jewelry

The very first step is to glass a line bowl with alluminium foil and also keep in mind to face the glossy side of the foil in upward direction.

The next step is to add one tablespoon of salt and baking soda to the bowl.

The next step Is to boil the water basically you should have some hot water and pour it in the bowl and dissolve the powder and take in the consideration that the solution amount should be enough so as to submerge your jewelry .

After submerging your jewelry wait for around 15 minutes.

You will see some black and yellow colour dust kinda thing floating away from the jewelry.

Once all the dust float away from the jewelry take out your jewelry and wipe it with a cloth


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