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Diamonds are not a trend. Unlike many gifts that see their seasons of use and find their way to the donation pile, diamonds are meant to be kept forever. From one person to another, they’re lasting symbol of sensitivity, reverence and elegance. And thanks to the burgeoning jewelry startup market, gifting a meaningful luxury is no longer restricted to those who have thousands of dollars to spend, though the options for those who do are better than ever.

But before you buy, there are some tips to note: Necklaces and earning are a greater options and especially for working professionals & Office goers who are not sure about what to buy and what not. If your’re unclear on what metal or color you should prefer then check for the latest trending jewellery options available at Jewels Box (Gold & Diamonds) an exclusive House of Diamond Jewellery situated in the heart of Lucknow.

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Selecting Jewelley for the office can be a daunting task especially in case you don’t want to go over the top and the same time, wants to add a personality to your entire office look with your jewelry choices. The critical fact to keep I mind while selecting your office jewellery is your environment. You are a professional working woman and you need to ensure that the focus is on your job. However the jewellery that you select will surely make a difference to your overall personality.

Here are some tips on how much you should spend on your office jewellery:

1. Evaluate your office environment:

The first step towards choosing your work jewellery is evaluating your environment. How do your colleagues dress? Is everyone wearing minimalistic jewellery or are they opting for better pieces. Making an initial analysis will help you select the right pieces.

2. Less is more

The office environment is usually a formal setting. Therefore, the ornaments you choose need to be grand. Try to select subtle pieces that will enhance your professional look. Try not to over embellish by selecting a myriad of colors. The pieces you choose can be simple but they need not be boring. There can always be one stand out element.

3. Opt for one statement piece

Instead of wearing several bold pieces all at once, which would end up looking rather flashy – opt for one statement that you can wear throughout your office day. The piece could be Bold Gold necklace and diamond earning. It could also be a beautiful gold ring embellished with gemstones to compliment your office outfit.

4. Be Practical

Remember, you will be at the office for the entire day. Ensure that you choose light- weight jewelry as you don’t want your accessories to distract or hurt you. Try avoiding heavy bangles if you have a desk job – they will clash against your keyboard.

5. Inject some personality with elegance

Sometimes, simple and classic jewelry is the most effective.  Pearls are the perfect addition to a professional outfit as they increase the elegance quotient by a mile. Don’t shy away from delicate white gold pieces for everyday wear – light gold chains with pendants, are a good option.

In light of all these factors now we can conclude that spending a hefty amount on office jewelry is not a good idea rather we suggest you to accessories your look with some decent yet elegant jewelry options.


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