Gold and Diamonds are both delightful and immortal remembrances, regardless of whether you are hoping to put resources into a resource or essentially present a friend or family member with a remarkable piece of lovely jewelry. However, in the event that you do understand the worth of  gold, diamond and other valuable metals as an Investment, you will probably be interested about whether gold and diamonds are worth your money by any means. 
Gold possesses stood the trial of time for years and keeps on making for a great Investment today. The equivalent, however, can't be said for diamonds, which have been artificially showcased and promoted to draw general society into accepting that they make for good investment. 



In any event generally talking, gold is commonly viewed as a "SAFE” form of Asset.  Many people accept that, after buying gold, you are guaranteed an extensive stretch of inflation and solid return, regardless of how the economy changes. 
Although we can say that gold isn't really a "Safe heaven” in downturns or recessions periods and times of financial crises, it actually is a genuinely safe investment, and indeed, gold is even seen as a type of currency, something that basically can't be applied to diamonds.


Gold isn't only a valuable metal to India, however it’s a part of our Indian culture. As a metal that rises above inherent qualities and Investment opportunities, gold may be the sole thing that permeates each layer and class of our general public. It is equally sought by a poor farmer in a village or a  wealthy urban . It permeates our cultural, religious or day to day lives from numerous points of view, which maybe best clarifies why India is the world's biggest customer and merchant of gold. 
In 2012, India devoured 700 tons and imported 851 tons of gold. India purchases 24% of the world's gold. To place that in context, India consumes through just about multiple times the measure of gold than the United States. All things considered, there is additionally an entirely coherent explanation with regards to why India noises towards Investing into gold: the yellow metal has stood the trial of time as one of the most secure and smartest investing opportunities.

Gold is a great hedge against monetary, political and financial crises 

At the point when markets are in a recessionary period, gold is regularly offered to counterbalance losses. Because of the way that gold is the most famous valuable metal that can't be artificially created - in contrast to diamonds - there is straightforwardness when one purchases gold in the open market. Another advantage to putting resources into gold is that the market for gold is by and large genuinely fluid. All the more significantly, nonetheless, the reality stays that gold is fungible, which implies you can exchange one huge piece of gold for a hundred little ones like you can a 500 rupee note for a hundred five rupee notes. These qualities make it a possible likely investment.
At long last, in contrast to diamonds, whose popularity has just risen impressively in the new past, gold has consistently been inseparable from extraordinariness, riches, trust, and worth since the most punctual of times, tracing all the way back to thousands of years ago.


A Diamond, basically, isn't an Investment. Similar as how one buys a vehicle for its consumption worth and use, one should hope to buy diamond for its visual allure and aesthetic characteristics. You're presumably not settling on an insightful choice in case you're hoping to buy diamonds for making a investment.
A diamond, as a matter of course, is a depreciating resource over the long haul. The market for diamond isn't fluid. Likewise, diamonds are not fungible. In contrast to gold, which is entirely fungible – diamonds have fluctuating cuts, tones, evaluations, and sizes. Accordingly, it makes it difficult to find similar diamond with these qualities. Dissimilar to valuable metals like gold and silver, which can't be produced artificially , and in this manner have held value for thousands of years, diamonds can be integrated artificially . Indeed, it is basically difficult to separate natural diamonds to that from synthesized diamonds because of current technology. 
What makes the Investment charm of diamonds so frail is that it is a lot less expensive to create diamonds artificially than to mine them normally. Along these lines, the expense of diamonds is simply an element of the number of diamonds are incorporated. This highlights the regular laws of interest and supply, and the cycle for how an item ought to be evaluated. At the point when the supply of an item is altogether reliant upon its producer, the cost, accordingly, is likewise completely subject to the manufacturer.


The difference between diamond and gold turns into a ton more clear at this point. Gold is rare, however diamonds are most certainly not. Gold possesses stood the test of time for hundreds and thousands of years, while diamonds just turned into a serious jewelry thing over the most recent 75 years. The normal laws of organic market direct gold costs yet don't have any significant bearing to diamond. Contribute astutely, ensuring that your Investment goes past what meets the eye.

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