Always in style, diamond jewelry can put the finishing touch on any outfit, from the most elegant evening gown to a stylish pair of jeans and a trendy top. Often the standout piece in any ensemble, diamond pieces can evoke romance, cutting edge cool or eye-popping glitz.

Here are some of the best trends for spring 2019 to show off the diverse beauty of these gorgeous stones.

Vintage Inspired Pieces: Diamond jewelry inspired by the unmistakable designs of the royal Mughal or classical Victorian era has always enjoyed a faithful following. Look for pieces featuring the intricate scrollwork royal jewelry or the floral romance of Victorian style necklaces, bracelets and rings.

 Vintage Inspired Pieces

Fanciful Flowers and Magical Moons: From sweet buds to lush blossoms, flowers are ultra-hot among today’s diamond jewelry customers. Bejeweled insects, yellow diamond roses, glittery butterfly wings and lucky four-leafed clovers are among the whimsical nature-inspired fashions of some of the newest diamond designs. You can give your beloved the moon and the stars with this year’s dazzling celestial pieces. Bracelets, necklaces and earrings with astrological signs, moons and stars are skyrocketing in popularity and make wonderful gifts for special occasions.

 Fanciful Flowers and Magical Moons

Diamond Brooches: Whether twisted up in your hair, anchoring the bust line of a favorite frock or adding a bit of glitter to any jacket from denim to cashmere, diamond brooches are super-chic this year. From high-couture runways to Saturday at the flea market, these posh pins are making a big comeback, especially worn in innovative ways. Secure a scarf, adorn a beret or add a bit of sparkle near your hemline.

 Diamond Brooches

Custom or Personalized: When a piece of jewelry was designed just for you, or contains a secret message engraved on the inside of the band, you can feel proud knowing that it’s something uniquely yours. Custom designs can start with an heirloom piece you wish to update, or come to fruition through a drawing and some loose stones. For example, a mother may want to incorporate the birthstones of her children into stacking rings. To personalize the design even more, each child’s name and birthdate can be engraved inside the bands.

 Custom or Personalized  Jewellery

Colored Diamonds: Truly unique and beautiful, colored diamonds are a fun and lovely trend. Pretty pink diamonds are the ultimate in gemstone femininity, while sunny canary yellow stones add a bright pop of color. For women who want to make a bold statement using warm, earth tone colors, richly hued chocolate and champagne diamonds are a perfect choice.

 Colored Diamonds



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