Jewels Box is amongst the leading jewellery stores in the beautiful city of Lucknow. Here at Jewels Box, we are providing elegant and stunning jewellery pieces ranging from stylish bracelets to dazzling necklaces. Jewels Box rules the Lucknow market on basis of their trendy and classy jewellery designs. JewelsBox exclusively designs jewellery according to the latest trends and wedding season. Jewels Box is famous for its wedding jewellery items. From elegant nath to stunning necklaces, JewelsBox presents you with 200+ designs in every category. Our extensive range of fine jewellery includes the latest signature collections of traditional and designer Jewellery in Lucknow.


Gold Jewellery is a symbol of status and style and an appreciating asset. Do you have your great grandmother’s ring that is too outdated to be worn and lying in your locker catching dust?  Don’t you want to own a dazzling piece of jewellery that is worth flaunting? Exchange your old gold with the Jewels Box Exchange Your Old Gold Scheme to own the stylish new jewellery that you’ll want to wear every day!

Do you want to exchange your old gold jewellery and invest in new gold jewellery of the latest design? With JEWELSBOX EXCHANGE YOUR OLD GOLD SCHEME you can do that easily. JEWELS BOX EXCHANGE YOUR OLD GOLD SCHEME is launched by JewelsBox under which you can Exchange Your Old Gold Jewellery Items with us to own trendy latest jewellery pieces from our store. We give a complete 100% return value for your old gold without any depreciation charges under JewelsBox Exchange Your Old Gold Scheme. Under this scheme, you will be charged with minimum making charges to exchange your old gold jewellery.

With JewelsBox Exchange Your Old Gold Scheme we can exchange your old gold jewellery that has been bought from some other jewellery store at the current prevailing gold rate. We are also accepting ‘temple and antique jewellery items’ to exchange with new gold jewellery. Our Gold analyzer will analyze your jewellery to know the exact purity of your old gold you want to exchange. We ensure you that under Jewel Box Exchange Your Old Gold Scheme your old gold exchange will be completely transparent without any deductions. Get a new look and design for your own gold with JEWELS BOX EXCHANGE YOUR OLD GOLD SCHEME!

Since our assessment interaction is really simple and straightforward, the entirety of our customers can without much of a stretch comprehend the value they will get for their valuable metal, and costs are continually refreshed by the market rates, so you don't have to stress over anything. Jewels Box is extraordinary compared to another gold Jewelry store in Lucknow, which has been serving visitors for a long time. We generally take care that you get the most elevated incentive for your resources alongside prompt money installment. Simultaneously, we guarantee that you don't have to go through any difficulty while starting your arrangement with us. Our exchange interaction structure is profoundly basic and short also. 


  • Walk in to our store in Hazratganj Lucknow along with the gold jewellery you want to exchange under JewelsBox Exchange Your Old Gold Scheme.


  • Our Gold and KARAT analyser will analyse your jewellery to know the weight and exact purity of your old gold.


  • After analysing your old gold jewellery, we will calculate the exchange value of your jewellery item according to the prevailing  gold price.


  • Your will also be informed about the minimum making charges of your gold jewellery.


  • After analysing your jewellery and knowing its exchange value you can pick your new exquisite certified gold jewellery that you are fond of.




You will be charged a minimum making making amount for your old gold jewellery which is as under:


  • 600 rupees per gram for temple and antique gold jewellery.


  • 300 rupees per gram for other gold jewellery items.


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Jewels Box is a modernistic brand famed for wedding jewellery in lucknow and bridal jewellery in lucknow. Keeping our knowledge, passion and experience in mind, we thereby bring jewels Box, the Best jewellers in hazratganj Lucknow with the most exclusive collection of jewellery filled with... Read More


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