Discovery and Origin of Diamonds

The diamond Known as aesthetically beautiful—it’s an enduring symbol of love, romance, and commitment. Diamond called a hardest naturally forming material found on our planet. The term Diamond is derived from the word Adamas that means unbreakable in the ancient Greek language.  This symbolic meaning presents itself well to the diamond’s historic commemoration of eternal love.



Diamond History

The Diamonds were found in India in 4th century BC, although the youngest of these deposits were formed 900 million years ago. A greater part of these early stones was shipped alongside the system of exchange courses that associated India and China, usually known as the Silk Road. At the hour of their disclosure, jewels were esteemed as a result of their quality and brightness, and for their capacity to refract light and etch metal. Jewels were worn as embellishments, utilized as cutting instruments, filled in like a charm to avert fiendishly, and were accepted to give insurance in a fight. In the Dark Ages, precious stones were additionally utilized as a medicinal guide and were thought to fix sickness and mend wounds when ingested. 


Shockingly, precious stones share some regular attributes with coal. Both are made out of the most well-known substance on earth: carbon. What makes precious stones not quite the same as coal is the manner in which the carbon particles are organized and how the carbon is framed. Precious stones are made when carbon is exposed to the incredibly high weights and temperatures found at the world's lithosphere, which lies around 90-240 miles underneath the world's surface. 


Until the eighteenth century, India was believed to be the main wellspring of jewels. At the point when the Indian precious stone mines were drained, the mission for interchange sources started. Albeit a little store was found in Brazil in 1725, the stock was insufficient to satisfy world needs. 


In 1866, 15-year-old Erasmus Jacobs was investigating the banks of the Orange River when he ran over what he thought was a conventional stone however ended up being a 21.25-carat jewel. In 1871, a huge 83.50-carat store was uncovered on a shallow slope called Colesberg Kopje. These discoveries started a surge of thousands of jewel miners to the locale and prompted the opening of the principal huge scale mining activity which came to be known as the Kimberly Mine. This newfound jewel source expanded the world's precious stone stock generously, bringing about a critical decline in its worth. The world-class never again considered the precious stone an irregularity and started to supplant this "normal" stone with hued gemstones. Emeralds, rubies, and sapphires turned out to be increasingly prevalent decisions for wedding band stones among the high society. 


In 1880, Englishman Cecil John Rhodes shaped De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd with an end goal to control the precious stone stock. In spite of the fact that DeBeers was fruitful in their endeavours to control the stock of jewels, interest for the stone was powerless. By 1919, jewels were depreciated by almost half.


Origin Of Diamonds



Diamonds found in the acclaimed Australian Argyle Mine have a maritime source profound inside the seabed. Precious stones, by their root, can are ordered into being eclogitic and peridotitic. The most recent research recommends precious stones being made out of carbon isotopes and a higher extent of oxygen isotopes. This relationship among the isotopes was obscure up to this point.

 A Modern-Day Resurgence



In Modern times, diamonds are mined in more than 26 countries and all continents sparing Europe and Antarctica. The production has increased significantly in the current century due to its worldwide market requirement. India alone is responsible for more than 100 million carats of the annual production of diamonds. Among the most prized possession today, the worth of a diamond is higher in comparison to anything else on this planet.



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