Whenever you think of diamond jewellery the first thing that buzzes around in your mind is its price. But, if you could just sit down, And idealise the process, how that shiny piece of rock which has been under so the pressure for such a long time, is going to be carved out as an ornament of the body either for he, she or they. On passing from the processes of designing, casting, stone setting and a lot more.

Before we dive down in getting to know the process of how the best in Jewels box gold and diamond jewellery is created, with great precision of jewellery designers accompanied with modern-day techniques. As you will see, every piece of jewellery at Jewels box is crafted with painstaking precision using a combination of skilled artisans and expert technologies. We don't make jewellery, we make happiness from our art form.

Designing Process:

Whenever we at Jewels box initiate the process of making an ornament. We keep in mind that, whatever we manufacture is going to be a part of your life. So, before starting our artisans sit down and brainstorm all the ideas, take inspiration from whatever they can to present you with the best possible craft.

Model or Prototype formation:

Once a designer at Jewels box is done with the method of designing. They move forward on the creation of a raw mould of the design. So, they can view how the idea which drew on paper would look like in the real world.

Wax Modelling:

Once this prototype is created, our skilled craftsmen use this model to create a metal replica of our design. To do that, we first shoot hot wax into the mould at high pressure. After the wax cools down it is peeled out of the mould, finished, checked for excess wax, and fused onto a ‘wax tree’. We then set on the finest quality diamonds which are settled onto the wax models, to make and shape the jewellery. In recent times there are a large number of techniques available in the market but we at our place stick to the traditional way of jewellery making by the method of "Lost wax". We place the wax tree with diamonds set onto it in a flask and a plaster mixture is poured into the flask and is kept for solidifying. Later, in a furnace to liquefy the wax in it.



After the wax is melted in the furnace. It is poured out carefully and the molten metal (of the finest quality at Jewels box) is poured into it. When the mould is set in. The plaster mould is destroyed to retrieve the metal cast, which now has shiny branches on it known as the "sprouts".

Cutting and Stone Setting

These "sprouts" are carefully cut out from the tree and the skilful artisans of our shop work on the buffing and levelling of the precious metals. They remove extra flakes onto them. We then double inspect it to ensure premium quality for our customers.

Also, we do know that gemstones are the key to jewellery making, without these the precious metals would not be as good looking as they should be. Hence, the finest diamond setters cast their magic onto the jewellery and fix the stones into their place. At Jewels box, we ensure that the quality should be perfect so we do pass them under a quality check just to be sure whether every stone is placed firmly at their respective places.



This is again one of the most sparkling moments in the history of the diamond jewellery making process because once the cast is buffed and made shiny just to ensure its final work is done and to bring the extra worth remembering gloss that would make you stand apart. We at Jewels box place the jewellery under the method of rhodium bath for few minutes. Rhodium is a chemical element that not only keeps it shine safe for a longer duration. But, also protects it from corrosion caused due to daily wear and tear.


As I mentioned earlier that we at Jewels box work on the production of the finest quality for you and your loved ones. We pass it on with the final quality checks and keep it polished till the time it reaches the store.

Once your jewellery has passed all of our rigorous checks and inspections, they are sent to BIS and IGMI for hallmarking gold. There is a national standard organisation in India, which certifies the authenticity of the metal and diamonds, and ensures that your jewellery matches the standards.

We even provide you with a brand certificate with every piece of jewellery purchased by you and also a quality certificate for each diamond embedded in it.



Once all the process is done, your possession is now kept in a safe environment in decorative packaging. Be it a ring for your fiancé, earrings for your mother or a lovely diamond necklace for your newly wedded wife. We wrap it nicely in a tamper-proof environment.

Jewels box Gold and Diamonds- Creating Happiness

We have the largest possible range of Diamond and Gold jewellery and we have been in business since-(the year it started). We have the largest and the best collection of gold and diamonds.

We have been certified by the IGMI (International Gemmological Institute of India) so you can be sure about the quality and services provided by us. We not only are experts at creating jewellery with our outstanding craftsmen and modern-day techniques but are even creating happiness even with our affordable and beautiful collections. You can see our online collection or visit our store to look for yourself and choose among the hundreds of designs available for various events.

We do have a special section for bridal collection and newlyweds and anniversary specials in our store. Please visit us and unleash the imagination of creating happiness with the finest quality of ornaments for your loved ones from the finest jeweller in town.


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