Jewels Box (Gold & Diamonds) is a modernistic brand well famed as the best jewellery shop in Hazratganj, Lucknow. Visit us & Explore the exquisite range of gold & diamond jewellery collections and a lot more enchanting schemes. One of the alluring schemes presented by Jewelsbox is the Diamond Bank Scheme”. 


Jewellery is a basic piece in every lady's closet. However, it is hard to choose which jewel one ought to wear as per the occasion. Is your desire to wear new and different jewellery for various occasions? 

From Bridal jewellery to Festive Jewellery, Jewelsbox has it all. Now, You can fulfill your desire with JewelsBox?, where you can buy jewellery on rent with this amazing “Diamond Bank scheme”. PWS Group of Companies has its whole bundle of novel and perfect jewelry designs. These hypnotizing Jewelry pieces are accessible at the 'Jewels Box' Showroom in Hazratganj, Lucknow. 

What is the procedure for “Diamond Bank Scheme”

After Jewels box has come up with this unique program now in Just a few simple steps customers can buy jewellery on rent, Let us take a look at the procedure:


Step 1: Visit the showroom in Hazratganj, Lucknow. Explore the wide range of exquisite Diamond Jewellery Collections and choose the jewellery that you would like to buy for rent.


Step 2: Then simply deposit the value of the jewellery that you selected and hurray! You are all set to wear it on any occasion that you want.


 But wait the scheme does not end here You can also exchange the diamond jewellery as soon as the occasion gets over at the very same price you bought the jewellery for rent before. Isn’t it amazing?


And what if the customer wants his money back which he deposited for the rental jewellery? We also have a policy for this query! You will instantly get back 95% of the value you have deposited.


Different jewellery designs at one Price. What a brilliant offer right? Don’t let this opportunity go off-board. Visit the showroom today itself! We are focused on offering prevalent administrations while furnishing our clients with the information that they need to feel sure and amped up for any purchase.


Showroom Location of Jewels Box (Gold & Diamonds)