Creating Something New from the Old masterpieces

Jewelry is about tradition and heritage. What better way to add meaning to your jewelry than to make it out of precious materials that already have a legacy in your family? The craftsmen at Jewels Box (Gold. Diamonds. Silver) can remount gemstones that have outlasted their settings, but we can also take the gold from those settings or other gold jewelry and use it when we cast your new special order jewelry.

Why should grandma’s wedding ring just sit in a box for decade after decade until nobody can even remember whose it was? It means too much to your family to just sell it for scrap. So why not make this keepsake into a ring for a new generation to wear and to treasure.



Here is how it works at Jewels Box (Gold. Diamonds. Silver). Bring or send the gold items you want to reuse and recycle to us with instructions as to what you want us to make out of it. We will calculate how much the gold is worth towards the cost of the new rings. The more gold you bring to the project, the more affordable the final price. Most customers choose from our range of designs that have already been molded that are illustrated in our color catalog or on our website. But we also do custom designs. Before we do anything with your material we will check the gold quality, weight and get back to you with a price for your approval before any work begins. In almost all cases we have to add some of our own material so that there is enough gold in the cast to do it right.

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