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Over the centuries, traditions trickled down from the empires to the wealthy, and jewellery has remained one of the most coveted luxury items in India. But with today's modern lifestyles, bedecking yourself in precious jewels is not possible on a daily basis. On special occasions such as weddings traditional jewellery manages to hold its place of Significance. Indian Bridal jewellery grabs everyone’s attention with the visual appeal of its intricate designs. An Indian bride remains incomplete without the exquisite touch of some jewellery pieces which gives her entire get up a majestic look. Bridal jewellery is of such a great significance as it not only enhances the beauty of the bride’s attire but also takes her beauty to another level. In India, bridal jewellery has a special value and a bride’s look depends a lot on the kind of jewellery worn by her.

Here is a brief description of some of the most essential pieces which form an integral part of the Indian bridal jewellery without which the essence of the bridal jewellery remains incomplete:


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Maang Tikka: This beautiful piece of jewellery has made its entry again into the Indian jewellery box and is used for filling up the centre parting of a woman’s hair which women in India generally keep for putting vermillion after marriage. It is one of the important signs of a woman who is married in Hindu religion.

Necklace: A necklace is certainly the most essential piece of bridal jewellery and it is considered auspicious and mandatory to be worn by every Indian bride.

Earrings: Earrings are like the best friends of a bridal necklace and both seem to complement each other. In fact, one without the other makes the look lacking something important.

Nath: Nath has gained more attention these days and the traditional patterns are more in vogue. It is obviously the most beautiful piece of Indian jewellery. However, it is tough to say if it would suit every bride or not.

Bangles: A the word itself seems to produce the sweet tinkling sound which is loved to be adorned by every Indian bride. A variety of designs are available in bangles and one can get it made in only gold or a gold bangle with diamond studs on it.

Finger Rings: These are an integral component of the wedding jewellery set. A bride is supposed to wear her engagement ring along with other jewellery pieces of the bridal set.

Anklet & Toe Ring: An anklet or payal and toe rings are considered to be important components of Indian bridal jewellery in different cultures of India. It is also scientifically connected to keeping the reproductive organs in a woman’s body in good health.

Waistband: Waistbands had almost vanished, but now it has come back in vogue and forms an essential part of the Indian bridal jewellery. From heavy and broad waistbands to slimmer ones, brides have started opting for many varieties depending on their body structure, outfit and preference.

These jewellery pieces not only form an essential part of the Indian bride’s jewellery box but also attain an undying love in an Indian woman’s heart.


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