The wedding is a remarkable event of an individual’s life and many dreams are weaved for this special day. The bride and the groom wish to look their best and presentable on this special day. Months before the wedding date, immense shopping and preparations are done by both the families. Every Bridal wants to look like a princess on their wedding day. The wedding clothing and the jewellery form a huge part on the marriage ceremony. The bridal jewellery intensifies the beauty of the clothing and takes it to another level. Most of the jewellery the bride wears on the wedding day has a symbolic meaning behind it. There is traditional wedding attire for the brides and the grooms of different religions, regions, and culture. In same religion, regional and cultural differences impact the dressing culture for the event.

There are unique jewellery has added a distinct flavour to the wedding scene.





The rituals associated with the Punjabi kalire ceremony ensure a poignant moment for everyone involved, Be it when they are being adorned amidst the brides Choodas or shook on top of her siblings and friends. It is believed that one head on which any part of kalire fails, is the next one to get married. Malabar Gold and diamonds are here to make these golden memories an everlasting experience. 





Separated by an auspicious Antarpat so as to unite them for a lifetime. This auspicious tradition forbids the bride and groom from seeing each other at the wedding until the priest chants special mantras in their, Malabar Gold and diamonds value these age-old traditions as much as we value the trust the bride has bestowed upon us in adorning her uniquely on her special day. 






Tamil is the only Dravidian language to get a classic language status and is still spoken widely in India. Tamil wedding exemplifies the simple lifestyle and discipline among the Tamil community. Tamil weddings are attended by a large number of people from relatives, neighbours to community members everybody comes to take part in the festivity and give their blessing to the Tamil bride for her bright future with her life partner. Tamil brides dress-up well with white and gold Kanjivaram saree on her day.





Muslim ladies during the wedding function are altogether different from that of an easygoing arm ornament. These armlets can be jadau ones with the adornment of exorbitant pearls and diamonds while it very well may be straightforward bloom based arm ornaments beaded in wood. It very well may be conventional and ethnic with the great structures carved in them. Generally, these are overwhelming and with fragile stone and polki works.






Karnataka state is emerging as a technological hub of India where the people are highly educated and speak Kannada as the local languages. Kannada population in Karnataka lives a peaceful and disciplined lifestyle and celebrates every occasion with proper rituals and traditions. Kannada wedding is one such occasion celebrated with lots of enthusiasm where everybody is dressed in expensive bright colour dresses. A Kannada bride looks beautiful and steals all the limelight on her wedding day.










Gujarat state is known for its people that have a go-getter spirit and wear colourful dresses. They have great entrepreneurial skills and celebrate every occasion lavishly. Gujarati weddings are known for their royalty and grandiosity where Gujarati bride is dressed in heavy zari work lehenga along with Kundan jewellery. Gujarati brides are known as perfect house makers and today they are balancing their work and home life very well.





Kerala, one of the most beautiful states in India, is situated in the south-western part of the country. Hinduism is the main religion followed in the city and Malyali is the most common language spoken there. Marriages in Kerala happen according to respective religion of the people, with the south Indian touch of the Kerala people. The Kerala brides are beautiful and very educated. They search for grooms who are well settled and have a good educational background with high cultural and family values.


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