The wedding is a remarkable event of an individual’s life and many dreams are weaved for this special day. The bride and the groom wish to look their best and presentable on this special day. Months before the wedding date, immense shopping and preparations are done by both the families. Every Bridal wants to look like a princess on their wedding day. The wedding clothing and the jewellery form a huge part of it. The bridal jewellery intensifies the beauty of the clothing and takes it to another level. Most of the jewellery the bride wears on the wedding day has a symbolic meaning behind it. There is traditional wedding attire for the brides and the grooms of different religions, regions, and culture. In same religion, regional and cultural differences impact the dressing culture for the event.
There are unique jewellery has added a distinct flavour to the wedding scene.



Bracelets by Muslim ladies during the wedding function are altogether different from that of an easygoing arm ornament. These armlets can be jadau ones with the adornment of exorbitant pearls and diamonds while it very well may be straightforward bloom based arm ornaments beaded in wood. It very well may be conventional and ethnic with the great structures carved in them. Generally, these are overwhelming and with fragile stone and polki works.


Jhoomar is an impeccable bit of gems which was presented in the marriage scene by the Muslim people group. As a rule, Jhoomar and the maang tikka supplement and complete one another. Jhoomar is a sensitive headpiece with a gold filigree studded with jewels and shaky pearl necklaces. The pearls and the precious stones add a beautiful charm to the lady.


Polki Maang-Tikka With Green Stones 

Maang tikka is one of the most beautiful jewellery accessories what a Muslim bride, especially would like to choose with green stones. It is a most loving and desired stunning jewellery item worn on the marriage day. There are awesome designs you will be surprised while searching for eye-catching jewellery pieces.   
Polki maang





Wearing a nathni is probably the most seasoned custom. Nathni can likewise be a stud which is worn all the more calmly. The nathni worn during a wedding is to a greater extent a major ring with a sensitive gold string that interfaces the nose ring and the stud. Ladies should give it a shot before the d-day since this probably won't suit everybody and it may not additionally be some tea.


Choker Necklace

The choker accessory has a significant impact in a Muslim marriage assortment. It is an overwhelming piece with an unpredictable gold plan. It is normally studded with valuable and semi-valuable jewels. This specific bit of adornments if their wedding outfit utilizes stonework or sequin work. The choker counterbalances the wedding dress and includes an erotic intrigue.

Choker Necklace



This traditional wedding jewellery adds an extra charm to your entire look. Accessorize better with this beautiful nose ring to for a complete makeover. Not everybody is comfortable wearing one but if you want to go for extra glam do that this accessory to your bridal look. You don't need to have your nose pieced because you can find naths which could be pressed on to the nostril from either side are very common and look equally beautiful. You'll unquestionably have this piece in your gems set for the wedding.


Payals are the excellent, dazzling adornments intended to be worn on the feet. It arrives in a couple and is worn on both the lower legs. These payals are for the most part created in silver metal, and they especially have plenty of customary plans and fragile examples. Some of them may likewise have little metallic chimes which rub against one another to discharge a resonant sound when the lady moves, loaning her an emanation of a riddle and making her look exquisite.


Bridal Bracelets 

Bridal Bracelets are an image of Indian-ness worldwide and are worn by ladies just as should be expected, young ladies. They are additionally called as bangles and are generally made in valuable metals like gold and silver or plated gold. Notwithstanding, these are likewise generally found in glass, wood, plastic, ivory, so forward. This not just gives a conventional tint of the entire look yet, in addition, makes the lady of the hour look stunning.
bridal bracelets


Maang Teeka

It is being said that in a Hindu wedding a great deal of significance is given to the hair separating which carries us to the following wedding gems which are called Mang teeka. A maang teeka is a little chain worn on the head at the splitting of the hair where one finish of the maang teeka is snared to the hair, and the opposite end dangles on the brow of the one wearing the maang teeka. The dangling part is, for the most part, a pendant which makes the entire look customary.
maang teeka



Worn on the waist, this wedding jewellery has elaborated patterns which are made using the coins and beads which can or cannot be in precious metals. Kamarband is that wedding jewellery that lends a very delicate grace to the one who is wearing it, and it can be worn with either with the wedding sari or the wedding lehenga.


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