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Since being in the city of Nawabs you must ensure that your wedding is also really grand. As you don't do weddings every year right!!. So everything should be grand and perfect and to make it the way you want it to be. you need to be specific while choosing your jewellery.

When it comes to bridal jewellery in India and that too in summer. People do prefer it to be diamonds along with pearl sets which do look elegant on the bride aka the attraction of the wedding. Also in general couples try to keep it neat. Hence they prefer choosing diamonds over golden jewellery in summer weddings. Be it Rings, Necklaces, Maang tikkas or even Earrings. Now let’s just keep a gaze over what are the variety of Diamond jewellery which you should go up within this Summer Season of weddings that would complement your wedding outfit this summer season.

Maang Tikkas

"Yes, Vermillion is an ornament of Every Indian Bride" but no one hates if it is enhanced with a little sparkle of these diamond embedded pieces of jewellery.This might be one of the most less cared about pieces of jewellery. But in recent years. Brides go for getting on with the bright and elegant designs of diamond maang tikkas as an alternative over the ones which were completely made of gold with some stones attached to them. We at Jewelsbox ensure the finest quality of diamonds to be embedded in the maang tikkas as they are the one which gives an extra edge to the vermillion on your head.

Earrings of Traditional Diamond Style

One of the most famous pieces of jewellery which is again glorified a lot of Indian Bollywood songs. Starting from "Jhumka gira re Bareli ke Bazzar mei" to "Bareli ka Jhumka". It has been one of the vital parts of Indian wedding attire. Though being small but is really important and as important as kajal. As it is important and explanation of its grandeur is not much to be explained. People these days are looking for traditional designs in these earrings to glorify the ear charms and even bring out the beauty of your overall face. At jewels box we offer you the best designs. And surprisingly we have designers from Bareli who could help you with your desired design of "Bareli ka jhumka"

Nose Pins or Nose rings

This is a piece of jewellery that is mostly described in Indian Bollywood songs. Often termed as "Coka" in Punjabi and "Nathni" in Eastern parts of India. Has acclaimed a lot of fame. And it could be seen that there has been a lot of changes in the design of this jewellery. Brides do prefer wearing small cut diamond nose pins on the smaller event such as "Sagai", "Sangeet", "Haldi, "Mehndi" and even at times in receptions. And saving the bigger nose rings for their weddings. And at Jewelsbox we have hundreds of diamond designs to choose from where you could find your choice for each even at a much reasonable price than any other store in Lucknow.


The second most important piece of jewellery worn by any Indian Bride, after vermillion(sindoor). And this has to be something which you should have the best for your life. After all, it is going to be the one that would signify your Mister's Life. We at Jewelsbox, being the best gold and diamond jeweller in Lucknow, have a huge range of designer mangalsutra designs to choose from. We have it for every budget. We have a collection to admire, we do present you with the finest mangalsutra to wear and shine in your wedding adding an extra edge to your beauty on your special day.


Somethings can not be put out of the outfit of any Indian Bride. These days even grooms wear these to add a royal look to their wedding attire to the Rajputana talwar which would look great. Diamonds attached to the necklace shine a lot and even adds a lot to your smile which you would be wearing on your wedding day. Necklaces at jewelsbox are made from fine quality natural diamonds and each diamond is placed in the hands of the craftsmen who are best in town. These ornaments are 100% certified from every quality test and as we provide the quality certificate along with it so it leaves no chance of it to be any worse.

Bajubands and HaathPhools

One of the most traditional jewellery which gives a royal look to your hands which when selected nicely can complement the "Hina"(Mehandi) of your hands. We have expert craftsmen along by our side in Jewelsbox - Lucknow shop. So even you can visit and customize your jewellery that whether your diamonds are supposed to be fitted in the best manner. You could even have various stones attached to your diamond sets like - Emeralds or Rubies. Which could give the Mehandi an enhanced look.

Bridal Bracelets and finger rings.

Another thing which is important for both bride and groom and even in any customs ring exchange is one of the oldest and important customs. Hence carrying such importance so it is our responsibility as the best jewellers in Town we try to provide you with the best in designs and quality of ornaments for your special day. Jewelsbox has a lot to offer in terms of both male and female designs of the rings and hence you can visit us in our store to get the best designs for your loved ones. Be it a proposal gift or for any even or even anniversary.

WHY US -? -Best shop in Lucknow for diamond jewellery

Being in the business for the last 26 years we can assure you that we know better than any one in the field and as we are more closely associated to our customers. Hence we provide you with much personal attention in comparison to the bigger names which just have stores but no empathy for their customers. We provide you with best designs in both Gold and Diamond jewellery that too at very affordable prices.Visit us in our store in Lucknow and we assure you with the best service. possible. 


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