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Collections of Gold Mangalsutra

Kundan Style Pendant Mangalsutra

61000 ₹  INR65000 ₹

Classic Gold Antique Mangalsutra

110000 ₹  INR115000 ₹

Gold Circular Pendant Mangalsutra

86000 ₹  INR90000 ₹

Traditional Necklace style Mangalsutra

110000 ₹  INR120000 ₹

Gold traditional magalsutra

67000 ₹  INR72000 ₹

Mangalsutra with Floral Pendant

70000 ₹  INR75000 ₹

Gold Antique Kundan Mangalsutra

80000 ₹  INR85000 ₹

Floral Pendant Mangalsutra Design

45000 ₹  INR50000 ₹

Gold Antique Mangalsutra

57000 ₹  INR65000 ₹

Gold Contemporary Antique finish Mangalsutra

85000 ₹  INR90000 ₹

Customary Golden Mangalsutra Design

65000 ₹  INR70000 ₹

Gold Rhodium Mangalsutra

45000 ₹  INR50000 ₹

Gold Mangalsutra

65000 ₹  INR70000 ₹

Basic Gold Mangalsutra

55000 ₹  INR60000 ₹

Gold Mangalsutra Peacock Designs

55000 ₹  INR58000 ₹

Gold Mangalsutra in Latest Design| Online Store for Gold Jewellery

Buy latest design of gold mangalsutra. Jewels Box(Gold & Diamonds) have a 250+ unique and stylish collections of mangalsutra for bride and women. Buy Authentic and traditional style of Gold Mangalsutra at best Price. As we know that Mangalsutra is a most essential part in the indian wedding jewellery, Now Days every brides wants to wear a simple and delicate mangalsutra in her wedding so she wear it on daily basis. Speaking of delicate and feminine mangalsutra that goes well in the modern times, this simple mangalsutra is an exceptional choice. If you love black beads and simple pendants, this is a perfect choice. This mangalsutra would go well with traditional Indian clothes, tunics, and sarees.

Gold Chain Mangalsuta | Chani with Black Beads - Jewels Box (Gold & Diamonds)

Women wear a lot of jewelry around their neck, one among them is Mangalsutra. People who are new to the Indian culture and traditions may not be able to understand its importance, but this is not a common jewelry like other chains or necklace. It is a sacred thread made of black beads. This is worn only by the married women and it is symbol of goodwill, successful marriage and love. This sacred thread has got different names and it is also in different designs based on the state and culture in India.

Fancy Gold jewellery for Girls and Women | Jewels Box (Gold & Diamonds)-

Jewels Box designs the fashionable and trendy gold jewellery like three layers of gold chain, Customized name gold Chain, thick layer Chain, gold Chain in Platinum, Jalidar Chain, Light weighted gold Chain, Platinum Chain, Wedding chain, Collar chain for girls/women and many more others.

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