Latest Gold Pendant Designs

gold pendat-

One item and many styles, does it sound great!! Indeed yes, then go ahead and choose from our irresistible range of gold pendants. Bold and Bountiful, Gold pendants offer a lot of styling options that you can flaunt. They have an ancient connection too- natively they were worn with jute rope, naturally available strings, beads etc. Latest Gold Pendants can be worn by women of all ages; they are fashionable because of their ever changing styles and for the ease of wearing them. They come in infinite styles and very distinctive color combinations. Gold Pendants for woman come in varying weight combinations from ultra-light weight to light weight, from heavy design centric pendants to gemstone pendants.

Different Types of Gold Pendants For Women

Antique Gold Pendants

Antique Gold Pendants designs We feature a whole new range of latest antique pendants which can be worn with traditional sarees, fusion wear, lehangas etc. Antique pendants are made through an oxidation process. Antique pendants often come with colossal pendant followed by a charming combination of gold earrings.

Temple Gold Pendants

Now own the luxury of handmade craftsmanship with Temple pendants, alphabet gold pendant design. Bring home the grace of design, elegance and handcrafted jewels. Temple pendants are an epitome of intricate design; they bring back the glory of ancient temple sculptures to life and reality. The finesse required in crafting temple pendants, the time required to deliver them may sometimes even go up to a year, depending on the number of pieces required.

Gold Chain Pendants

A jewelsbox item which is found in everyone’s treasure chest is the gold pendant. Every woman would own at least a gold pendant at some point of time in her life. They are the best choice for gifting someone and they rightly fit any budget. One can find a mammoth range of gold chain pendants at jewelsbox in varying proce, design and weight ranges. The chain pendants are sometimes adorned are style enhancers to get that best look and carry yourself with grace.

Gold Pendants collection at Jewelsbox

The Alphabet Pendant:

Alphabet gold pendant design for male And Female A Gold pendant is pretty much who you are and we admire everyone with equal love and affection. Witness this with our all-new alphabet pendants that are simply as unique as you are. These are ideal pendants for girls in the prime teenage and would also serve best for gifting purposes.

Name gold Pendants -

We all fancy being different, out of the box in terms of style, look and choice. For those of you who want to adorn uniqueness or gift someone dear a token of your affection then the name pendant is the right choice. The gold name pendants can be customized in writing style. You can also reach our Jewellery experts to view more name pendant designs and styles. The name pendants are a great gifting option for newborns.

The Religious Pendants-

Authentic and traditional, the religious pendants maa name gold pendant, om gold locket designs allow you to showcase your divine side. If you are a firm believer of and would like to take a token of his blessings at all times, then the religious pendants are the best you can buy.

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