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Gold Bangles Design

Great Bangles

₹175678   ₹164359

Bangles For Brides

₹154733   ₹144733

Beautifully Crafted Bangles For Wedding

₹142163   ₹152163

Attractive Gold Bangles For Wedding

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Delightful Gold Bangles

₹170000   ₹180000

Delightful Gold Bangles

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Elegant Gold Bangles In Beautiful Designs

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Exquisite Gold Bangles

₹230000   ₹250000

Traditional Gold Bangles

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Elegant Gold Bangles In a Traditional Touch

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Elite Gold Bangles

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Marriage Gold Bangles Set

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Exclusive Gold Bangles

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Exquisite Gold Bangles

₹178000   ₹185000

Beautiful Gold Bangles for Wedding

₹175000   ₹180000

Exclusive Gold Bangles

₹180000   ₹200000

Gold Rhodium finish Broad Bangles

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Wear Anywhere Gold Bangles

₹220000   ₹225000

Best Deals in Gold Bangle and Bracelets in Jewels Box-

Indian women love to adorn their wrist with beautiful gold bangles. Bangles are a mandatory part of their gold jewellery collections. Buy Ethnic and Authentic Gold Bangles Online in India at Best Prices in jewels box (Gold & Diamonds). We have the collections of well- crafted Indian gold jewellery in 22k.

Best Online Design of Gold Bangles and Jewellery in India-

Gold Bangles are the oldest and most popular jewellery in gold and diamonds. It is a significant part of Indian traditions and culture, which is common to see newly married women at her wedding. Jewels box (Gold & Diamonds) is the online portal for buying gold and diamonds jewellery in unique and adorable designs.

Gold Bangles for Bride in Indian Weddings-

As we know that in Indian wedding the women and girls are wants to look gorgeous in every wedding party and jewels Box (Gold & Diamonds) helps to figure out the best accessories stuff with your wedding partydresses and bridal lahenga. We have good varieties in gold bangles like bracelet bangles, jalidaar gold bangles, light weighted bangles, Peacock bangles.

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