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Gold Chain

Indian women across the globe accessorize themselves with gold, an essential element among every other precious Jewellery are the gold chains.. Gold Chains and women are two inseparable elements, both lending beauty to each other.Simple gold chain designs with an attractive pendant give a sublime charm to every girl. Jewelsbox is home to scores of the latest gold chain designs that will dazzle your eyes.

Gifting Gold Chain

Gold chains are a common precious gift in India, whether it is the birth of a newborn or age attainment function, wedding or milestone occasions, gifting chain is a great idea. They are not only put to proper use by just one but can be also be used by other members of the family too. The beauty of gold chains is that they can be adorned by both men and women. Most of the chain patterns are not gender-specific or age-specific either.

Latest Gold Chain Designs

Gold chains are ideally two types either a machine-made or handmade, both are equally elegant, at Jewelsbox you can find different styles of ladies chains such as the fancy short chains, flat chain models, box chains, etc. The latest chains include Indo-Italian models with rhodium polish which give a stylish look.

Here are some other Gold Chain models

Short Gold Chain

Short gold chains are particularly famous among teenagers for their length and style. Short-chain designs are also worn as a second adornment with a long black bead mangalsutra. They particularly go well with western wear for their subtle and slender look. Short mangalya chain designs are also popular among millennial women for their trendy look, they are also minimal in design and somber in style.

Long Gold Chain

Gold long chain designs are used to style on Indian wear, sometimes they are also worn in layers along with a small pendant, this offers a very mode and trendy look. Long-chain models are also made a part of the bridal trousseau as they look elegant. You can order the latest long chain designs to be customized as per your preference of length, weight, and design with us.

Mangalsutra Chain

Gold mangalya chain designs are strong, thick, and long to hold other auspicious lockets such as the sutralu and other customary lockets worn by Indian married women. You can also find an array of short mangalya chain designs as they are trendy, go well with western and office wear, minimal in look and preferred by millennial women too. Another evergreen model is the double chain mangalsutra with an oversized locket on one side.

Plain Gold Chain Designs

Plain gold chain designs are suitable for women of all age groups, for daily use as well as occasional use with or without a locket. A plain chain goes well with every outfit- Indian, western, or fusion too. These lightweight chains come in economical price ranges as they can be made in lower weight and carats too i.e. they can be made from as low as 14K gold or 18K to 22K gold.

Gold Chains Price and Weight

Chains coming in different weight range starting from as low as 5gms to 30gms are sure to surprise you. Double layered gold chains would go above the weight range of 30gms. Both machine-made and handmade chains are now available with us, however, the handmade gold chain price is higher for the amount of work and time that goes in the making of the chain. Ladies' gold chains price starts from as low as 30,000 and goes over and above 1lakh. At Jewelsbox, you can now view gold chain designs with price and weight online even before you visit the store. You can also custom make your length and weight based on your preference.

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